Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

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  • Measure and display the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
  • Automatically memorize the Max./Min. values of the indoor/ outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
  • Switch between °C / °F
  • Clock function and alarming function
  • 12/24 hour mode switch
  • 8 minutes snooze function
  • Recovery function on the Max./Min. values
  • Indoor temperature measuring range: -30°C~+50°C (-22°F~122°F)
  • Outdoor temperature measuring range: -50°C~+70°C(-58°F~158°F)
  • Indoor humidity measuring range: 20%~99% (Relative humidity)
  • Resolution: Temperature: 0.1°C; Humidity: 1% RH
  • Power supply: one AAA alkaline battery
  • Operation environment: Temperature: 0°C~50°C; Humidity: 5%~85% RH
  • Automatically memorize the Max/Min values of indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
  • Press IN/OUT key to switch between indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Press MAX/UP key to display memorized indoor/outdoor max temperature and indoor max humidity
  • Press MIN/DOWN key to display memorized indoor/outdoor min temperature and indoor min humidity
  • Press RESET to clear memorized value and start to memorize new max/min value
  • Press 12/24 to switch the time displaying modes
  • When alarm sounds, pressing SNZ key will activate the snooze function, and display "img "
  • Switch °C / °F to display Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Clock set: Press Mode key for 3 seconds into time setting mode. When "hour" blinks, press MAX/UP key and MIN/DOWN key to increase or decrease the "hour" value. Pressing the key continuously makes the "hour" value change faster. Press Mode key again to confirm, and then "min" blinks, press MAX/UP key and MIN/DOWN key to increase or decrease the "min" value, press Mode key to exit the set of clock
  • Alarming set: Press Mode to display the sign of "img ", then press Mode key for 3 seconds into alarming set, the way of setting the value is same as clock set.

Portable Data Recorder

Simply Set Up And Record In Real Time With Remote Sensor Or Without & Use The Internal Sensor. Download To Your Computer Via The USB Cable Connection Analyze And Save Data.

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  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • USB Powered Option
  • Adjustable Cycles
  • Upper and Lower Adjustable Alarm Limits
  • USB Data Exchange & Power Source
  • Windows98, NT, 2000, XP Compatible
  • Data Analysis With Curves & Graphs
  • Display Alarm Limits
  • Word Format File Save and Printing
  • Adjustable Recoding Cycle From 2 Seconds Over 24 Hr
  • May Be Automatically Distributed For Recording Duration
  • 16000 Point Recording
  • -40C to +70C External Sensor Range
  • -30C to +50C Internal Sensor Range
  • Up To +- .5C Resolution
  • NTC Sensor
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Device Environment –30C to 50C 15% to 85% R/H


Temperature Data Logger (Reusable Cartridge)

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  • ERC‐1+ is a data logger with internal sensor that can be used multiple times
  • Reliable, compact in size and easy to install
  • Easy data transmission by inserting the recorder in the card reader interface. Data can be downloaded to any computer with USB interface.
  • ERC‐1+ designed for many applications where close temperature monitoring is needed such as laboratory, foodstuff, medical facilities and refrigerated transportation
  • ERC‐1+ is used for applications complying with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) System Certificate.
  • Power supply: One CR2450 lithium battery
  • Temperature measuring range: ‐40.00C~+70.00C
  • Accuracy: ±10C
  • Displaying resolution: 0.1
  • Recording cycle: 10 seconds~16mins continuous setting
  • Record time length: 89 days (MAX)
  • Recording capacity: Temperature: 8000 points (Max.)
  • Ambient environment of shell: Temperature: ‐350C~+700C; Humidity: 0%~95%
  • Data output: Connect the computer with USB interface to transfer data
  • Protection: IP65


Temperature Indicator C/F)

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  • Power Supply : 24 VAC
  • Displaying mode: Three digit LED + indicator light
  • Temp. measuring range: -49°C~99°C (-49F~199F)
  • LED displays "HHH" when exceeding upper limit temp. or probe short circuit
  • LED displays "LLL" when exceeding lower limit temp. or probe open circuit
  • Switch between C and F by DIP switch (DIP3)
  • One channel temp. measurement
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • NTC wire length: 2 M (6.5 ft)
  • Product size: 70 x 33.5 x 68mm
  • Mounting-hole size: 58 x 26mm