The E-652A transducer offers inexpensive yet accurate true RMS monitoring of AC current in one circuit.

This product is ideal as a precision AC load transducer for Control and Energy Management applications.

Combined with a standard 5A CT the loop powered E-652A provides a convenient tool for accurate load monitoring in any electrical equipment.

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  • Highly accurate, true RMS measurement.
  • Self powered from the 4 - 20 mA loop.
  • Robust construction (potted box).
  • Compact size and easy wiring.
  • Ideal for Control and Energy Management applications.
  • Power: Standard 4-20 mA loop; voltage 8 - 35 VDC
  • Current Input: Wire current input through CT up to calibrated Range. Unit may be wired off a secondary 5A CT for higher input ranges.
  • Output: 4-20 mA loop (sinking); max. impedance 750 ohm @24VDC (barrier strip terminal provided).
  • Accuracy: TRMS, 0.3% FS for 0-5A & 0-10A ranges, 0.5% for other ranges.
  • Enclosure: Potted plastic box L=3”, W=1.1”, H=0.4” + CT height, panel mount ready. Interfacing CT permanently attached(non universal version); Dielectric test (input/output) - 4 kVRMS

The E-652A is a precision current transducer that performs true RMS current measurements in one AC circuit wired through an interfacing CT mounted on the top of the enclosure.

The E-652A may be ordered for various current ranges. The 0-5A and 0-10A current ranges feature a very high accuracy CT providing 0.3% accuracy (full scale). Other standard ranges include 30A, 50A and 100A. The 5A calibrated i-SnailÔ-A can be applied to the secondary wire of a 5A CT thus extending the metering range as required.

The E-652A is powered from the 4 -20 mA current loop (it acts as a ‘two wire loop device’). It will accept a wide range of loop excitation voltages, typically 24 VDC. The unit is hermetically potted in a small plastic enclosure equipped with two mounting holes. A barrier strip terminal is provided for the output wiring.

The E-652A does not include a built in CT and is equipped with spade connectors allowing remote installation of various Elkor miniature CTs (MCTA and MSCT).

E-652A, Product description