The E-610 may be used as a simple temperature controller, providing on/off relay output for fans, heaters, shut off valves and alarm systems. Because of its software adjustable parameters, the product is highly customizable - an ideal solution for many OEM temperature control applications.

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  • Inexpensive, microprocessor based design
  • Relay output, SPDT 1A contact
  • Anti short cycle time delay
  • Set includes 10 k thermistor,and mounting track

Specifications - ET-610

The E-610 is a temperature controller with the ability to act as an ON/OFF temperature thermostat.The device is capable of fully stand alone operation. The unit may be programmed(preset in the factory) in one of three control modes:

(a) temperature range mode in which it will turn ON the output relay between two defined temperatures

(b) set point mode for heating mode iin which it will turn ON below adefined temperature and OFF above a defined temperature

(c) set point mode for coolingmode in which it will turn ON above adefined temperature and OFF below a defined temperature